Additional adapter

Additional adapter


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An extra adapter enables you to easily switch the Påhoj seat from one bike to another. The adapter is frame mounted and has a smooth safety lock to easily attach and detach the Påhoj seat.

Weight capacity: 22 kg / 48,5 lbs
Product weight: 2 kg / 4,4 lbs
Color: Black
Frame mounted: Yes
Approved bike frames: Round frame tubes, 28-40 mm/dm 1,1-1,57 in/dm. No carbon fibre frames.
Max width carrier: 17 cm / 6,6 in
Standard approved: EN14344

The adapter is suitable for bicycles and approved for round tube frames with a diameter of 28-40mm. Due to strength properties, the adapter should not be mounted onto frames made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

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